July 27, 2013


Two birthdays in one week!

I decided to make the same card but use different colors. My boyfriend's mom recently let me borrow some of her really awesome metallic acrylic paints. I wanted to try them out and this was the perfect opportunity! I drew the type by hand and then cut it out with an x-acto. Painted the paper with the metallic paint and glued it to the front of the card. After that I made the envelope and added a bright festive color to the inside. Ta-da!

July 14, 2013


Before: My sister bought a pair of shoes that she thought fit her. She was in denial. Lucky for me though, because I got a free pair of shoes! The only problem was the elastic was slightly to big on my feet and the double crossed bands were too busy. Looking at them NOT on a foot I really like the way they look. But as soon as I put them on all the line quality disappears and looks ....awkward.

Plan: The plan is to make these shoes less busy by removing some of the bands.

Action: Because these were elastic I felt confident I could easily fix them. And it was easy! All I had to do was remove the stitching on the heal of the foot  (where all the elastic was sewn). Next, I figured out how I wanted them to overlap and what I wanted to remove. I trimmed some of the elastic off so it fit my foot better. Sewed it back up again without the second set of bands. To remove the extra bands that were glued into the shoe I heated it up with a hair dryer (to get the glue hot). Then all I had to do was pull out them out.

After: I'm excited to wear these out. This is a huge improvement. And considering I have never altered my shoes before, I'm happy with this experiment.

July 10, 2013


Finally an adult! 

It was a low key birthday, but lovely all the same. My sister flew out all the way from Germany to come visit.  She also made this delicious festive Pomegranate Rose Spritzer. It was refreshing and beautiful! I definitely recommend you try it! She's a giant foodie and this year I helped her start a food blog so go to her website click here. To go to wine spritzer recipe click here

July 05, 2013


For the summer I returned home to North Carolina, but my apartment mate is all the way up in Ohio. She rarely gets care packages and I know she would love one. Every time I get a care package from my mommy it makes me so happy. She could literally send me anything and it would still be fun to open. One time she included an onion, a lemon, and a can of tuna. So literally anything.

Care packages are fantastic. Seriously. Who doesn't like being thought of?! So when I found some adorable shoes in my friends size for four bucks at a thrift shop I jumped on the opportunity to make her a care package. I included some candy, makeup, and a whole bunch of presents for our kitty Izzy.

First I wrapped everything up in white tissue. Then I made a stencil for the name tags and painted each one individually. I added the "to" and "from" and attached those with some string. Next up was figuring out a card. I wanted to keep it uniform with the rounded edged squares. I turned it into an accordion style card and I changed up the look by adding a pattern to the front with a belly band. One letter is for Anna from me and the other is for Izzy from Tibby (my kitty at home).  Knowing her I know how much she will appreciate all the small details.