July 05, 2013


For the summer I returned home to North Carolina, but my apartment mate is all the way up in Ohio. She rarely gets care packages and I know she would love one. Every time I get a care package from my mommy it makes me so happy. She could literally send me anything and it would still be fun to open. One time she included an onion, a lemon, and a can of tuna. So literally anything.

Care packages are fantastic. Seriously. Who doesn't like being thought of?! So when I found some adorable shoes in my friends size for four bucks at a thrift shop I jumped on the opportunity to make her a care package. I included some candy, makeup, and a whole bunch of presents for our kitty Izzy.

First I wrapped everything up in white tissue. Then I made a stencil for the name tags and painted each one individually. I added the "to" and "from" and attached those with some string. Next up was figuring out a card. I wanted to keep it uniform with the rounded edged squares. I turned it into an accordion style card and I changed up the look by adding a pattern to the front with a belly band. One letter is for Anna from me and the other is for Izzy from Tibby (my kitty at home).  Knowing her I know how much she will appreciate all the small details.

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