June 20, 2013


Before: This was my mothers shirt from back in the day. I have always liked this shirt. The cobalt blue stitching is all lovingly done by hand. However the shirt is much too bulky for me and the sleeves make me feel a little frou-frou. 

Plan: To make this into a more modern shirt and slim down the figure. 

Action: Undo all the hems. Take off the sleeves. Undo bunching around bust. Iron and resew bust. Undo bottom hem. Take off unnecessary fabric on sides and resew. Hem the sleeves. Resew bottom hem. Wash with a lot of oxiclean to remove yellowing. Iron and wear!

After: Very happy with how this turned out! When I'm wearing it the shoulders have a really lovely lift. The shirt feel much more modern now that all the unnecessary fabric is removed. This is going to be a great shirt. 

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