June 01, 2013


I am starting a blog. 

Yikes! I'm excited and nervous. I have so many ideas and I just don't know where to put them all. Let me start by telling you what I want to get out of this blog. My goals for this blog are:

1.  To have a place where I keep all of my creations and the things I love. 
2. I want to document the delicious food I eat and my adorable cats. 
3. But I also want this to inspire me to do more projects and show them to the world. So that if anyone ever asks me what I'm working on I won't have to try to mime it out, but I will actually be able to show them. 
4. Besides that I hope this will inspire others to make something beautiful. 

Are my goals set too high? 

Well here goes nothin'

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