June 19, 2013


30 years ago my crazy parents had a dream to build a cabin. So they did. They bought some property in the mountains and a log house kit. After five years of hard work they were finished. We still have the cabin but rarely find the time to go up there. My dad has always loved going to the mountains, getting away and enjoying nature. So I figured this was the perfect place to spend fathers day weekend.

Everything was in green and luscious. The flowers were in bloom painting the field yellow, orange, and white, with flecks of purple. A Willow Flycatcher had built its nest in the eves of our cabin. We could watch it feed its four baby birds while we ate dinner. A snake was found taking a nap above our front door, which we lovingly asked to move to another location. A skink sat soaking up the sun on a rock. Besides getting bitten to death by bugs it was a lovely trip.

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