June 01, 2013


Okay. So I don't really have a summer job.

The last two summers I worked at my dads company, which is a loom factory. People always look at me so funny when I try to explain this to them. But basically it's the company that sells the machinery that makes seat belts and the tags in your shirts. I hope that makes sense. My job was to break down old broken machines, clean them and then rebuild them. Obviously not by myself.

The second day home from summer my dad brought up the looming question (unintentional pun) , "Are you going to work for me this summer?" Don't get me wrong it was a really great job. Truly. It was and I am very grateful that I had such lovely working hours. But it was labor intensive and extremely dirty. Extremely. As a compromise, and to make sure I am not sleeping till noon everyday, my loving father asked me to help him with his plane one day a week. This wasn't really a question.

The problem with photos is that it is impossible to see just how many rivets there are. My job has been to take these broken wings apart. The only way to do that is to take out all of these tiny little evil rivets one by one. It can be a somewhat daunting task as hours go by and you realize you havent even finished the one little section you wanted to finish. 

On the bright side I found a wonderful app called Songza that keeps me saine while I work. It's a wonderful song app because there are absolutely NO commercials and it's FREE and it helps you find new wonderful songs and artists that you never knew of. Basically it has a variety of playlists based on your current mood, or genera taste, or artist taste. I even got my mom to start using it! I heard her singing along to a song while washing the dishes the other day. 

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