June 18, 2013


My sister lives over seas and her birthday is around the corner. Sadly, I can't be there to help her celebrate with her usual favorite peach strawberry pie. But I wanted to make her something extra special to let her know we still remember her...And of course to make her get a little teary eyed and want to come visit us again.

I filled the packaged with tasty treats from Trader Joe's, nail polish, and some makeup. I ended up going a little crazy wanting to make it look extra special but it was fun. I folded strips of news paper and made my own paper filler. To wrap every thing I added colorful tissue on the inside and white on the outside.

For the card, I decided to make it more of a book. I wanted to let her know she's getting older. Usually I just blatantly say "DANI YOU ARE SO OLD". This time I made it a little more one of a kind. I went back through her life and found fun moments from different ages all eventually leading up to age 25! The very last page I tell her happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Sister!

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